Global Agenda is Now Free of Subscription Fees

Global Agenda No Subscription FeeGlobal Agenda is now free of any subscription fees, as announced by Hi-Rez Studios.

Players who are interested in purchasing the game will enjoy it in its full potential including all current PvP combat, PvE solo and Cooperative content plus Agency vs Agency seasons, without the need to pay monthly subscription fees now or in the upcoming future.

Global Agenda will receive some paid expansion in the near future, with the first major expansion being free to the entire Global Agenda community.

To celebrate this new major change to the game, Global Agenda is being offered for a price drop of 33% on Valve's Steam platform until the 5th of July. Visit for more information.

“Hi-Rez Studios is committed to delivering the best value in PC gaming", said Todd Harris, Global Agenda Executive Producer. "In addition to the game’s entire initial launch content, we are bundling nearly 6 months worth of post-release content and features and including that within the single-purchase game. One purchase of Global Agenda let's you experience this content forever with no subscription."


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