GAMESbrief is TIGA’s newest member

GAMESbrief joins TIGAThe core service is which is a highly respected blog about the business of games. GAMESbrief helps game developers to become publishers. The blog was written by industry commentator Nicholas Lovell. It can help game developers and publishers to understand the changing market and the impact of new technology on it. They can also learn how to build audiences and revenues in a world of networks.

GAMESbrief also provided strategic and operational advices to big companies like Atari, Channel 4, Firefly, nDreams and Rebellion.

While Nicholas Lovell explained the reasons for joining TIGA, he stated that he is extremely passionate about the opportunities that exist for game developers to move into publishing and want to work closely with TIGA and its members in this area. He said he believes that TIGA has an essential role to play in promoting United Kingdom game developers to the global market, politicians and key stakeholders. Nicholas Lovell stated that he fully supports TIGA's ambition to make the United Kingdom the best place to do games business.

The CEO of TIGA, Richard Wilson, added that GAMESbrief is extremely popular and highly respected by the TIGA members. He also explained that they hope to work closely with Nicholas and GAMESbrief to ensure that TIGA members can benefit as much as possible from his expertise and experience.

Nicholas Lovell will be speaking at 'Making Self-Publishing Work for You' TIGA event. The event will take place at Weightmans LLP in central Manchester on 24th of March, 2010. For more information

Nicholas and TIGA are also producing a guide titled "How to Publish a Game" which is going to release in the coming months.


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