Gamers’ Voice Joined Forces with TIGA on Tax Breaks

Gamers' Voice joined Forces with TIGAGamers’ Voice are working with TIGA in their efforts to persuade the Coalition Government to introduce video games tax relief in the UK, with the two organisations planning several joint strategies.

Gamers’ Voice has begun emailing MP’s asking for their support by signing Stewart Hosie MP Early Day Motion “COMPUTER GAMES TAX RELIEF” We will be running a list on our website detailing all those MPs who've responded and signed the new EDM.

TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson said:

"Games tax relief will be good for the UK economy, for the UK games industry and UK consumers. TIGA, the trade association representing the UK games industry intends on leading the campaign for games tax relief or a similar measure. I am delighted at the prospect of working with Gamers’ Voice to achieve this objective. Gamers’ Voice cares about the industry, they are passionate and about the industry and they are devoted to the industry."

"We will be working closely together to obtain games tax relief."


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