Gamebryo Licensed by Actoz Soft for MMOG Wild Planet

Wild Planet MMOG Gamebryo EngineThe leading provider of three dimensional game development solutions, Emergent Game Technologies, and Actoz Soft Co. Ltd, which is based in Korea, announced today a licensing agreement for use of the popular Gamebryo Engine for the upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, Wild Planet.

Wild Planet takes place in 2400 A.D. after a meteorite crashes into the earth. The game will feature a non-targeting combat mode and a science fiction environment conquered by punk-styled characters.

The game will feature two factions that players can choose from, with aspects of teamwork, exploration, trading, growing, and more.

Wild Planet will include a core feature that will lets more than one hundred players simultaneously participate in a huge Realm vs. Realm Combat (RvR). The first closed-beta test for the game will be performed from 8th to 12th April, and it will take place in Korea.

The popular engines of Emergent Game Technologies, Gamebryo and Gamebryo LightSpeed, empower the developers to craft their single player and online multi player games in any genre they want, providing a one-stop cross-platform toolset for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Windows-Based PCs.

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