Fruit Ninja v1.3 With Dojo Released

Fruit Ninja Update Version 1.3Halfbrick announced the release of the new version 1.3 of Fruit Ninja for iPhone and iPod Touch. A new menu called "Dojo" is introduced in this update, which helps you manage your Fruit Ninja career. More features will be added to the Dojo in every future update.

Sensei's Swag is the Dojo addition to the new version 1.3 of Fruit Ninja, where you can try to unlock and apply some amazing changes to the game. You are going to be able to unlock new backgrounds and swipes by completing various objectives in both Classic and Zen Mode.

To see the objectives which are required for each one of the three backgrounds and three swipes, open the Sensei's Swag menu.

New characters "LEMONS" are also included in this update.

Halfbrick will continue to add more content in every future update.


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