Frogger Returns on the Nintendo DSiWare

Frogger Returns on the Nintendo DSiWareKonami Digital Entertainment, Inc. has announced today its first ever release for the Nintendo DSiWare store. The title is called "Frogger Returns", and it is based on the highly successful WiiWare version.  The game will soon be delivering the classic dodge-and-run game play experience that players remember from the old times, and still love as a downloadable game on the Nintendo DS portable handheld platform.

President of Konami Digital Entertainment Inc., Shinji Hirano, said that as Konami's first foray into the DSiWare space, they wanted to provide consumers with a fan favorite that would have mass appeal across a broad audience. He also said that with Frogger Returns, they are taking the heart-pounding challenge of arcade Frogger, and giving it a new look for the Nintendo DSi, with colorful graphics, updated game play, new obstacles and much more.

The player has to guide Frogger out of the hectic commotion of the city streets and back to the safety of his home marsh in "Frogger Returns". The game will stay focused on its origins, and will offer classic game play with colorful three-dimensional graphics, as well as a new perspective with all-new levels and enemies.

Frogger Returns will be available for download on the Nintendo DSiWare this spring. For more information visit


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