Fortix PSP Mini comes to Steam for PC

Fortix PSP Mini Coming to PC through SteamAfter its successful release on the PSP Minis, arcade casual Fortix will be released on Windows-Based PC and will be directly downloadable from Valve's Steam platform.

The PSP owners asked for something more casual after the only extreme version of Fortix dedicated to the 80's arcade classic hardcore gamer. The new and improved PC version of Fortix is going to be released on Steam for Windows-Based PCs on the 18th of March. Fortix for PC will offer both casual and hardcore games a charming fantasy world where the experience will be based on the classic game play. Players have to be ready for the old school addiction.

The PC Version of Fortix will bring more game levels and harder monsters than the previous version. It will also feature an epic boss-fight against archenemy Xitrof. The game will bring online leaderboards which will offer a little competition in-game. The PC-only achievement system will enable players to go for a dozen of extreme goals too.

Experience the casual fun as well as hardcore planning and maneuvering on the playfield. Fortix is coming to Windows-Based PCs through steam on the 18th of March.


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