FMOD announced DTS 7.1 Neural Surround Sound Support for Xbox 360

FMOD announced DTS 7.1 Neural Surround Sound SupportThe developers of FMOD Ex API and FMOD Designer 2010, Firelight Technologies, announced a partnership with the leading provider of digital entertainment technology, DTS Inc. Firelight Technologies has worked with DTS Inc. to integrate 7.1 DTS Neural Surround Sound support for the popular Microsoft Xbox 360 Console. The 7.1 DTS Neural Surround Support for the Xbox 360 will be integrated into the widely used and respected FMOD Ex API.

Brett Paterson stated that with the continual growth of 7.1 systems in homes, they are excited to partner with a company with the heritage of DTS. He also explained that they have integrated this directly into their API and that this will offer a simple solution for developers to create 7.1 games and seamlessly map their audio through the DTS Neural Surround tool for legacy compatibility with the 5.1 and stereo output.

The support of DTS Neural Surround Sound within FMOD makes it easier for game developers to integrate the technology within their titles for the Xbox 360 Console. Game Developers will now be able to create truly cross-platform 7.1 audio and use the same content for the Xbox 360, thanks to the intuitive for customers process with a simple initialization flag for the application of DTS Neural Surround.

Director of Business Development, Interactive Media at DTS, Mark Tuffy, stated that FMOD has a reputation for creating high quality products that are easy to use and incredibly powerful. He also stated that by incorporating DTS Neural Surround Sound, there is simply no question that FMOD offers the best audio creation and playback software out there.

Paterson added that they think this is a great addition to the Xbox 360 console and that it will allow developers to support the growth of the home 7.1 surround sound market.


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