Flip It! Gyro Released By Jeybee Focusing on the iPhone 4 Gyroscope Technology

Flip It! GyroThe Independent developer named Jeybee released today a unique game entitled Flip It! Gyro, which utilizes the iPhone 4 Gyroscope Technology.

The game is now available on the Apple App Store for less than a dollar - $0.99.

“The new iPhone 4 technology is really exciting. It allows you to harness the device’s movement in a way that’s never been possible before,” said Jey Biddulph, founder of Jeybee. “I wanted to create a game based around these new capabilities, playable by iPhone users of all ages, and enjoyable by whole families.”

Features of the Flip It! Gyro Game for iPhone 4 include:

  • Unique gameplay made possible by the iPhone 4’s gyroscope technology
  • Multiple, increasing levels of difficulty, from Easy to Extreme
  • Engaging challenges that are as much fun to watch as to play
  • High-resolution graphics built for the iPhone 4’s “Retina” display
  • Leaderboard and achievement integration provided by the OpenFeint rankings system

“Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad are rapidly becoming portable family entertainment devices,” said Biddulph. “You can find lots of board games for the iPad, and there’s no chance of losing pieces or any boxes to stash away.”


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