Fitness training game for PC

PC FIT Game ComingPqube LTD announced that they are releasing their PC Fit - A portable fitness 'centre' where you can work out using your personalised fitness program. PC Fit will help you get in shape, increase your stamina and improve your muscles. While the fitness market is rising its fees, PC Fit is the perfect solution for a fun, cheap and easy-to-use way to stay in shape. With PC Fit, your schedules are not going to be complicated. You do not have to travel to the gym, because the gym is just infront of you. All the training programs in PC Fit were created from the recommendations of European professional fitness trainers. You are sure to create your healthy exercise regime at your convenience. PC Fit has been developed to suit all the ages and fitness levels. The Managing Director of PQube LTD David Pain stated that they are delighted to launch this exclusive package which will allow non console owners to participate in the interactive fitness game. PC Fit is a must gift for Christmas. PC Fit features a superb plug-in workout mat and the opportunity to build your own fitness programs. It also features a wide range of fun interactive workout options and a group participation option designed to increase your motor co-ordination whilst toning your muscles. PC Fit is available in stores now.


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