First Ever Augmented Reality Wrap 920AR Video Eyewear

Vuzix-Wrap-920AVuzix Corporation is a leader in video eyewear who has announced today that their highly-anticipated PC Versions of Augmented Reality Wrap 920AR Sunglasses are now shipping to research and industrial orgranizations and also universities.

Vuzix Corporation expects to ship to its retail partners around the world in the first quarter of next year, 2011.

The Augmented Reality Wrap 920AR Sunglasses are the world's first mixed reality sunglasses that enable the users to witness realistic world environments and computer generated imagery.

Paul Travers, CEO Vuzix Corporation, said, “The Wrap 920AR breaks the barriers between real and virtual world consumer experiences and brings a world changing capability to the market in a state-of-the-art form factor.“

Mr. Travers continued, “With the Wrap 920AR video game developers and other publishers can design characters to come to life in your living room.  Magazines and books can have animated links back to the web in real time.  Further, there is countless business, education and health care applications that we anticipate our product will be used for, such as assembly, maintenance, warehouse management and logistics, medical surgery, training and education.  With our software development kit (SDK), which has now shipped to more than 2,700 application developers, we anticipate thousands of new, heretofore unachievable, applications to come to the market in the future.”

The current early shipments of the product are limited in quantity, and are priced at 1699 Euros with VAT


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