FacePro LLC Reveals Low-Cost Animation Process

FacePro LLC Reveals Low-Cost Animations ProcedureFacePro LLC announced today that thanks to Web technology and a simplified workflow, they are now able to produce Next Generation Facial Animations in a variety of the popular 3D file formats for just $5.00 USD per second.

Company President Rod Stafford stated that this will really open the door for all kinds of game developers. He also stated that while working on big projects with thousands of "spoken phrases", and the American Idol Titles with several minutes of singing, they needed a simple and transparent method of collaborating with their customers.

Enter the REV, which is a secure Web portal where developers can log in to review, revise and approve animations.

Company President Rod Stafford also said that working with REV is a really big step forward, and that facial animations have to be expensive because it is a complex procedure. Because of REV's simplicity, FacePro are allowed to offer their customers a much lower price.

REV comes with a suite of free Facial Bone Rigs and a Facial Skinning Tutorial in order to help the game developers prepare their characters.

Stafford says that Thanks to REV, their goal to redefine the entry point for Next Generation facial animation is accomplished.


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