Extreme Sledding is now available at the App Store

Extreme Sledding available in App StoreMuse Games announced today that Extreme Sledding is now available on the iTunes App Store for only 1.99$. Players have the chance to race as a young Yeti who seeks honor by sliding down instane terrains with ridicilous speeds. Extreme Sledding is a 3D alphine racing game, which features downhill slalom courses with lots of speed. The player must race on the edge, and unlock 15 incredible trails and golden medals. The game takes advantage of all the iPhone features, offering great physics based controlling for impressive gameplay. Unlike some of the other racing games that use the accelerometer technology, Extreme Sledding uses a sophisticated absolute steering model, where 1;2 of the tilting ratio on the iPhone results in a much more respnsive game controlling. This adjustment is the secret ingredient that will bring players to the Extreme sledding.


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