Ever wanted to play soccer while driving a car?

SocCars is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Play Soccer while driving a car!Have you ever dreamt of playing soccer while sitting in a car? Well, start your engine and get ready to cross the starting line and score a goal!

SocCars is a stunning action game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which combines soccer and vehicles with endless fun challenges to play.

Objective of the game is to confront your opponents in "one-on-one" matches in fever pitched arenas with roaring crowds and engines.

In order to be awarded with the Golden Ball, you might need more than your legs and head. You must also be an experienced driver.

SocCars features a rich and unique gameplay with ten different vehicles with unique abilities. The different types of vehicles in SocCars, from extremely agile racing cars, to heavy armored vehicles are sure to suit your style and need. Clever strategies and tactics are required to succeed.

SocCars also features collectable bonuses that appear on the terrain while you and your opponent battle. The "Rocket" gives the ability to deflect the ball's trajectory, The "Freezer" bonus gives the ability to immobilize your opponent for a moment, and the "Magnetic" ability draws the ball towards you.

SocCars includes three different game arenas. These game arenas can change according to your encounters.

SocCars is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch here appsfire.com/jY


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