Ever wanted to become a maestro?

Easy Piano for Nintendo DSNAMCO BANDAI Partners announced today the launch of "Easy Piano" - a new title for the Nintendo DS from Game Life publisher, which is now available at retailers. The game features an exclusive real keyboard with full-octaves, which offers the most entertaining and realistic piano experience on the Nintendo DS. Easy Piano features accessible game modes that can guide beginners through their first steps towards piano playing. Experienced 'maestros' can try to play more than thirty of the best compositions in the world. Easy Piano takes you from Mozart and Beethoven classics to to pop and even Christmas jingles such as Jungle Bells. The game teaches the skills needed to become a mobile 'maestro' through the fun series of lessons it offers. Easy Piano offers a wide range of musical sounds, such as guitar and other, as well as piano of course so it can suit whatever mood players are into. Players also have access to three octaves while playing with the use of the eight note full octave keyboard included with the retail package.
Easy Piano: Full-Octave Keyboard

Easy Piano: Full-Octave Keyboard

With the Creation mode, players can record up to three 3 minute tracks of their own. With the suitable difficulty modes, Easy Piano is entertaining for everyone and in no time your will be playing the piano like a professional.


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