Dungeon Bandits Tournament-Based MMO To Launch First Closed-Beta

Dungeon Bandits Tournament-Based MMO GameService provided by Nvinium games Playenvy.com, announced that the closed beta testing phase will be held for their tournament-based Massively Multiplayer Online Game "Dungeon Bandits" in 22-24th January.

First beta test of the game will concentrate on the stability of the servers and will offer an intense tournament style game-play with entertaining and challenging dungeon environments.

Dungeon Bandits features highly detailed 3D dungeon maps with a "Capture-The-Treasure" scenario that lures the teams to fight against each other, while also making them fight through their way with dungeon monsters and bosses. The team that successfully survives and counter the enemy attacks will get victory if it brings the treasure out of the dungeon.

One of the most exciting features of the game is the ranking system and tournament brackets which allow players to compete against each other head-to-head in daily tournaments. Various prizes are awaiting the Top Players of the game. Even these players who do not enter the tournaments will be able to have their rankings checked, thus having the chance to be rewarded as an "Elite Player".

Closed-Beta Testing will be launched in multiple phases within three days in order to test the various elements of the game.

Dungeon Bandits will launch in Mid-March after all testing phases have been successfully completed. Players can now apply for access to the first beta test on the official Dungeon Bandits Web Site which is dungeonbandits.playenvy.com

Keys are also limited.


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