Doodle Ski Now Available On The iPhone and iPod Touch

Doodle Ski for iPhone and iPod TouchDoodle Ski is now available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. The player's objective in the game is to avoid obstacles and angry enemy creatures while navigating the treacherous slopes of an environment that is generated dynamically. When 100,000 points are reached, the player will have to contend with an alien invasion.

The slopes in this simplistic and highly-addictive game of balance and quick reflexes are crowded with enemies such as angry Yeti's and perilous Penguins, in addition to the fog, rockslides and avalanches. The aliens that are appearing in this game are the aliens from another game of the same developer, which is entitled Doodle Galaxies.

Players can control their skier with simply tilting the iPhone in the particular direction, while avoiding those enemies at all costs.

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