Details of “World of Tanks” Engine Revealed

World of Tanks Engine Details announced that the company is using the BigWorld Technology suite for the development of its brand-new free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Action Game titled "World of Tanks". The software allows focusing on core issues of the game, like captivating and realistic game play with top-notch graphics and visual effects. BigWorld Technology is a really efficient and advanced tool for designing a polished Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

The highest requirements of the intensive development process are fully satisfied with the BigWorld Technology suite. The necessary set of tools are provided to produce a high quality Massively Multiplayer Online Game which features various modes, mini-campaigns, tourneys, epic Clan Wars, and fast-paced battles.

CEO of, Victor Kislyi, said that they have been considering several technologies before starting the development of their new team-based Panzer MMO game. He also clarified that it turned out that BigWorld is the only ready-to-use and complete solution for the specific needs of the project.

CEO of BigWorld, John De Margheriti, said that World of Tanks breaks new ground, and that it is a fantastic example of great team-based MMO game play featuring authentic tank models, strong RTS elements and tremendously fun action game play. He also said that they are very excited by how much fun playing World of Tanks will be.

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