Deathsmiles comes to the United States on the Xbox 360

Deathsmiles coming to the Xbox 360The publisher of interactive entertainment products Aksys Games announced today that Japan's gothic-lolita shmup hit Deathsmiles, is making its way to the Xbox 360 video game console from Microsoft.

Enter a kingdom infested by dangerous monsters and tortured souls in the world of Gilverado. Choose from four angels and battle against the storm of foes pouring out of the gates of Hell, and fight your way out of the traps, surrounded by enemies all over, while bullets from both sides of the screen make your way to hurt you.

The Game-Play Mechanics of Deathsmiles, which include the unique left-right shooting mechanic, will keep you concentrated while you dodge and weave through the complicated enemy strike. If you trigger the "Power-Up Mode", you will unleash several waves of golden crowns, white tiaras and grey skulls as you bash and cut through your foes with your little Angel's mighty magic shot.

PR Specialist Cherie Baker said that most shooters feature spaceships, which are charging heroically through bullet showers to kill some alien specimens, but with Deathsmiles, you have got little girls flying through a gothic otherworld to destroy the horrific and necrotic imperator Tyrannosatan.

Deathsmiles features Five Characters - Windia, Casper, Follett and Rosa. Windiwa is the foppish Englsih girl, while Casper is the sassy German. Follet is a cautious French Girl, with Rosa being the California valley girl.

Deathsmiles also features Online Rankings and Online Cooperative Mode plus an online score leaderboard with rankings for each character and game mode, and many other cool features.


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