Crysis – Amazing Visual Quality

Crysis By CrytekCrysis is a first-person shooter video game with science-fiction elements and is developed by Crytek. Published by Electronic Arts, the game was released in November 2007 for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and it’s the first installment of a trilogy.

Following different perspectives from Crysis, Crysis Warhead was released in September 2008 as a sequel, and also a Multiplayer Expansion pack called Crysis Wars was released in a Compilation Package in May 2009.

The game is known for its amazing visual quality and looks, and is using the CryEngine 2, which is an upgraded version of the CryEngine and is the engine, used in Far Cry. Crysis is almost photo realistic, but it can be a big hardware resources consumer, so a pretty decent computer configuration is needed in order to play efficiently. The game is playable on some low-spec machines too, but the resolution and the graphics options must be tuned down in order to be able to play it.

Crysis By Crytek

Crysis - Photo Realistic Environments

Although Crysis is a sci-fi shooter, the beginning of the campaign looks more like a Battlefield or a Call of Duty kind of game, and it feels like that until you progress deep into the story, where you face some alien life forms for the first time, and suddenly the game turns from a sandbox war like first person shooter, to a science fiction first person shooter.

Crysis By Crytek

Crysis - Science Fiction Elements

Crysis is an incredible first-person shooter that is going to impress everyone who gets their hands on it. In the game, you take the personality of a Special Forces Operative with codename Nomad, who is dropped into the fictional Lingshan Islands with his team, to check the island and rescue a group of American civilians. When you are jump from your aircraft with your team into one of the islands, an unknown flying aircraft separates your team, and when you rendezvous, you witness something disturbing.

Despite the beautiful graphics, Crysis can offer a stunning Game play with solid weapons, smart artificial intelligence, and a large selection of vehicles available for use. When you are playing, you can choose the best way suitable for you to complete the objectives. You can for example sneak around quietly and take down your enemies, you can rush in intensively and ambush everyone or you can take your enemies out with stealth. The best thing about crysis, is the Military high-tech prototype Nanosuit that your character Nomad wears. Thanks to that, the player is capable of choosing between different modes if the suits energy isn’t depleted. They are four possible modes, and only one can be selected. Armor - that recharges the suits energy faster, and can deflect some damage. Speed – Increases the running and swimming speed, but consumes the suits energy pretty quickly. Strength – Gives you the ability to throw heavy objects at enemies, powerful hand-to-hand combat and steadier aiming. And last but not least, the most used mode in the game – Cloak, that renders the players character into almost complete invisibility and movement noise suppression. The suit has its own HUD, displaying the energy levels of the suit, health, weapons, ammo and radar. The player has the ability to customize his weapons, for example he can add a flashlight or a silencer, and he can change scopes and change firing modes.

Crysis By Crytek

Crysis - High Tech Nanosuit

Crysis can keep you busy even after you beat the Single Player mode, because an Online Multiplayer action is awaiting you afterwards. You can join servers with up to thirty-two players.  There are two Multiplayer modes with six available maps - Instant Action Is a Deathmatch type, and Power Struggle which are played by two teams. In Power Struggle, all players start with only one pistol and both players have Nanosuits, which looks strange when you play. The objective of power struggle is to destroy the enemy headquarters with nuclear weapons, but first you have to capture the facility. Advanced weapons are available for purchase from the prototype factory, which requires half of the suit’s energy.

Crysis By Crytek

Crysis - Online Multiplayer Mode

Overall, Crytek has to be proud with Crysis, because they created a great technology here. Crysis can even get scary in some way, because of the quality that offers. The game is just gorgeous  when it comes to graphics, environments, game-play, artificial intelligence, weapons, interactivity and entertainment. It’s just a must for every first-person shooter player’s pocket.


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