Connect The Dots Extreme for iPhone

Connect The Dots Extreme for iPhoneConnect The Dots Extreme comes from an independent developer and offers a new twist to an old classic game. The objective of the game is as we remember it from the sweet memories from childhood past - connect a sequence of dots by drawing a line thus revealing an outline of an image hidden underneath.

The game brings the original concept to a new level of entertainment. Instead of connecting the dots the old-fashioned way on large and bland books manufactured of recycled paper, you have to connect the dots using speed and accuracy as the line itself becomes alive. The player has to press the right dot at the right time to complete the drawing properly. The faster the player's line moves the higher the score becomes. The score can be compared against friends for best performance.

Connect The Dots Extreme features the ability to choose pen color among other things. The game also features a large number of crisp and colorful drawings to complete.

In addition to all that, Connect the Dots Extreme's "Extreme" option can be disabled, thus transforming the game to its original classic style without animated lines, which makes it excellent for practice or for children.

Connect The Dots Extreme won an honorary award at the Orange startAPP Apple iPhone development contest in Israel in January 2010.


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