Combat Arms Celebrates March with Death March Tournament

Combat Arms Celebrates March With Tournament and ServerCombat Arms will honor millions of college basketball fans with its very own "Madness Server", as well as offering up NX for the World Online Gaming League's first "Death March" Clan Tournament. This is due to the celebration of the popular American pastime of college basketball tournaments. The Clan Tournament will feature 1.7 million NX in prizes up for the winners. These events highlight the competitive nature and the fun found in Nexon's popular multiplayer online first-person shooter.

The Madness Server was opened today, and it will run until 5th April. The Madness Server offers dedicated channels to each scheduled college basketball game. If you want to choose a side, take a look at how each team is listed on the website. The teams that are in red color and listed first will be the players on the Alpha Team. The teams that are in blue color and listed second will be the players on the Bravo Team.

The schedule started today with eight Thursday games and is available on the Combat Arms Web Site. If you want to support your favorite college basketball team, find it on the schedule and fight in their name.

The brightest and best soldiers were selected by WOGL to participate in the Death March Clan Tournament. The Clan Tournament is compromised of sixteen teams and over eighty soldiers. The first round matches will be on the 26th of March, on Friday, and the tournament will close on the 27th of March, Saturday. The tournament will be in single-eliminations, which means the best two out of three matches win.

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