Classic First-Person Shooter Rise of The Triad for iPhone and iPod Touch

Rise of the Triad for iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad.Mobila Interactive LLC and Apogee Software LLC have partnered together to bring the classical First-Person Shooter Game, Rise of The Triad, to the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad Devices.

Co-Founder of Mobila Interactive, Yevegeniy Goyfman, said that they are very honored to be working with an industry pioneer like Apogee Software in order to bring this groundbreaking game from the 90's to the 21nd century platforms. He also stated that it is exciting to be a major part of re-introducing classics like Rise of the Triad and allowing player to re-play the experience, as well as share those true entertainment treasures once again with the new generation of gamers.

Chief Creative Officer of Apogee Software, Terry Nagy, said that Rise of the Triad introduced a lot of "Industry Firsts", and that many features pioneered by Apogee long ago have become integral to the first-person shooters of today. He also stated that they are thrilled to be working with Mobile Interactive in order to bring their Legacy Title to the Apple Platforms.

The Game Features include: The Apple iPhone OS Port, replica of the original game; The original Game Soundtrack; A number of customizable control schemes; Four full game episodes with 32 huge levels; Secret levels, hidden rooms and other surprises; Five players with unique attributes and abilities; Ten unique and real digitized enemies, which are actual Apogee employees; and the ability to look up and down in up to 45 degrees to see what is above and below.


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