Castlevania: ReBirth now available on WiiWare

Castlevania: ReBirth is now available on the Nintendo Wii and WiiWareCastlevania ReBirth is Konami's new 2D Side-Scroll platformer, in which players will be able to take on a new adventure quest to destroy Dracula. Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. announced today that Castlevania: ReBirth is now available on the Nintendo WiiWare. Castlevania: ReBirth brings back the old retro adventure from Transylvania to the Nintendo Wii Home Gaming Console. The game is the first downloadable Castlevania title since now. In Konami's New Castlevania title - ReBirth, Dracula is once again back from the dead, along with his vampire legions, causing disorder and crisis in the Transylvanian realms. The players take the perspective of Christopher Belmont, who is the latest vampire slayer from the Belmont Family. Equipped with the legendary whip, his task is to restore order and piece to the universe before Dracula and his vampire legions take over it. Players are able to acquire upgradable weapons and other helpful items in order to reach Dracula and put a stop to his reign of chaos once and for all. Castlevania: ReBirth is created by Koji Igarashi and is rated E10+ by the ESRM. The game is now available on the Nintendo WiiWare for one-thousand (1000) Wii Points.


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