Castle of Heroes Babel Expansion

Castle of Heroes Babel ExpansionThe leading publisher of free to play online games, Gala Networks Europe, revealed new details about their new expansion titled "Babel" for their browser-based game Castle of Heroes.

The Babel expansion will introduce new buildings with special bonuses available to the heroes who will conquer them. Brave players who are willing to defeat the Ivory Tower defender will be rewarded with a constant stream of experience points. Those of you who gain control of the Merchant Market will be able to obtain plenty of gold, while the others of you who conquer the Dwarf Mine will gain a lot of ore supply. The resources obtained can be put to good use in the game itself.

Additional experience can also be gained in the new boss monster battles. Three times a day, 20 minions will appear on a player’s world map, protecting a powerful leader. Both the minions and the leader are unique to each player and visible only to him. Each minion defeated earns the player twice the normal experience points; if the leader is defeated, the player earns four times as much experience.

Babel also includes many brand new quests, including Hero quests, which are designed to increase Heroes’ experience and which can be undertaken at any time during the game – players can attempt up to 20 Hero quests every day. In addition, there are also tens of new main quests, and now also daily quests for a fast, fresh challenge.

Castle Of Heroes is available in English, French, German and Polish languages for everybody who has a account. The game is also available on both PC and Mac, with no download required at

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