Capcom Marks the Month with Mega Man 10

MegaMan 10 released on Nintendo Wii. Soon on PS3 and Xbox 360Leading worldwide developer and publisher of entertainment software, Capcom Entertainment, announced that Mega Man 10 has been released on the Nintendo's Wii Ware Service. The Sony PlayStation 3 Console version will be released on the Sony PlayStation Network next week on 11th March, and the Xbox 360 console version will be released on 31st March on the Xbox LIVE Arcade service. The game will return Mega Man players to the nostalgic perfection of the classic retro 2D Mega Man Gameplay with its inspired old-school Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) graphics.

In the year 20xx, a suspicious outbreak of a Robot Flu named Roboenza which spreads through the world like bringing down robots everywhere has broken out. It's up to Mega Man to take on this sinister threat and find out who is behind this mess.

While the player journeys throughout the Mega Man adventure, he will take on classic-style bosses and malfunctioning infected robots with gameplay that can only be found in the Mega Man series. Each Robot Master has his own unique weapons. The original Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune is in charge of directing and supervising the boss characters of the game. Bosses like Sheep Man and Strike Man are expected to quickly become favorites to all the fans out there.

Mega Man 10 includes other exciting features like the option to play as the amazingly cool Proto Man from the start. The Game also features an all new "Easy Mode" which will allow new player to indulge in the challenges that make the series great. The "Mega Man Challenges" mode will additionally allow players to practice their skills and prepare for the stunning adventures and journeys ahead of them.

Mega Man 10 is expected to become the must-have digital download for both young and old Capcom fans.

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