Call Of Duty 6 – Modern Warfare 2 – Stunning Sequel

Call Of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2Call of Duty 6 – Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Infinity Ward for Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. Published by Activision, the game was officially announced on 11th of February 2009 and was released worldwide on 10th of November 2009. The game is a direct sequel to – Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare, continuing the same storyline, and is the sixth installment of the Call of Duty Franchise. Modern Warfare was released in relation with two other Call of Duty titles such as Call of Duty – Modern Warfare – Reflex for the Nintendo Wii and Call of Duty – Modern Warfare – Mobilized for the Nintendo DS. Ever since the game was announced everyone has been wondering whether or not the game is going to pack as much intense action as its predecessor. Now that Modern Warfare 2 is here, it’s time to be blown away by its smooth cinematic-like graphics, action, shooting, movement, and detailed and well designed environments.
Call Of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2

Call Of Duty 6 - Modern Warfare 2 - Cinematic Like Graphics

Like its predecessor, the campaign mode is short, and it can be finished for less than six hours, depending on what difficulty mode you are playing on. Both Multiplayer and Singleplayer maps are focusing on detailed terrain variations and the open environments are just going to grab you into the scene. The competitive Multiplayer system is back, and it has been upgraded to be better than ever. With the cooperative special ops mode you can share the intense action, and experience the exciting campaign thrill with a comrade, but they are definitely not meant to be played by just you. As the other Call of Duty games, the players takes the role of different personalities during the story line, and continues to progress through the campaign while changing them. Each mission features strategic and rewarding elements, but the player may not get that heroic feeling while completing every one of them. Early in the campaign on one mission titled “No Russian”, the player takes control of a deep cover CIA Agent, and joins a group of Russian terrorists in executing a massacre in an airport. The player is warned in the beginning of the mission prior to the disturbing content of it.
Call Of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2

Call Of Duty 6 - Modern Warfare 2 - "No Russian" Mission

The storyline picks up where its predecessor left off, five years later, where there is a new violent Russian ultranationalist terrorist organization, and a new counter-terrorist group with code name “Task Force 141” which must make sure the world is unharmed. While the player Is progressing through the campaign, he will visit various parts of the world such as Rio De Janiero, Siberia, Afghanistan and Washington D.C. Objectives of missions include having the player arrive at a checkpoint to be escorted or to rendezvous with his allies, plant explosives to destroy particular objective or an enemy installation, defend an objective or eliminate enemies in a specified location while he is accompanied by friendly troops with great artificial intelligence, thus the player cannot execute any orders on them. The competitive online multiplayer is even more amazing than its predecessor’s multiplayer. Completing objectives and killing enemy players while unlocking new content and earning experience points to upgrade and build your customized character is addictive and entertaining, and will make you not sleep for weeks. Although it’s disappointing to players that the dedicated server support has been removed, the multiplayer can still give you a thrilling experience. It includes multiplayer modes such as Search & Destroy, Free-For-All, Demolition, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and CTF. When the player achieves four kills in a row, he can order a supply drop, when he achieves five kills in a row, he can order a missile strike which is manually controlled, and a gunship to kill your enemies from the sky after eleven kills in a row.  The dedicated server support may be removed, but now, when a host leaves the game, the current game no longer ends like in Call of Duty 4. The party chat system in the Xbox 360 versions of the game has been removed while the player is playing in certain multiplayer playlists. The hot seat split screen still has the ability to retain experience points like in the competitive online multiplayer mode.  The console versions has the same eighteen players cap as the PC versions, and because dedicated servers were removed, developers can no longer make custom maps and custom modifications for this title, which is highly disappointing.
Call Of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2

Call Of Duty 6 - Modern Warfare 2 - Online Competitive Multiplayer Mode

There is no reason to skip the game, despite all the cuts that some parts of the game received, it can still reward players with its exciting cinematic-like graphics, new improved proprietary engine, thrilling unexpected and dramatic moments, stunning beautiful environments and addictive cooperative and online competitive multiplayer mode.


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