Browser-Based MMOG Based Upon “The Mummy” Movie Franchise

The Mummy Online MMORPG Developed by Schell GamesOne of the global market leaders in the Massively Multiplayer Online Game based on Browsers, Bigpoint, announced that it is going to be developing a new browser-based Massively Multiplayer Game which is going to be based on "The Mummy" Movie franchise by Universal Pictures and entitled "The Mummy Online". The game will be only available online at the developer's website,, and is expected to be released in the winter of this year.

Players will be able to play the Action Role-Playing Game 'The Mummy Online" free of charge. They will take on heroic roles and witness adventure elements inspired by the actual films. Every single character made in "The Mummy Online" can be unique within the Virtual Massively Multiplayer Online world, with various talents and skills waiting to be experienced. "The Mummy Online" takes place in Egypt during the first half of the twentieth century.  Players will be also able to experience very similar environments and key characters from the actual films.

The Mummy movies have been a big entertainment powerhouse, taking their own characters across the world to face some of the greatest mysteries of the archeology in the world. The movies led to exciting sequels, theme park attractions, video games and much more.

Vice President and GM Digital Platforms of Universal Partnership & Licensing, Bill Kispert, said that the Mummy franchise is a chock full of exotic settings, supernatural enemies, exciting quests, and over the top action. He also said that it is ripe with gameplay possibilities, and they look forward to extend their relationship with Bigpoint in order to bring the world of The Mummy to gamers.

CEO and Founder of Bigpoint, Heiko Hubertz, said that they are also excited to adapt this popular film franchise for the global online games market, and that by leveraging their mastery of browser-based games technology and Universal Pictures' popular entertainment property, they are quickly becoming one of the leading publishers of licensed games.

CEO of Schell Games, Jesse Schell, said that they are excited to have the opportunity to work with The Mummy film franchise, and that the action-packed story of Egyptian mythology and 1930's fortune hunters provides a great backdrop for their team to build an awesome online game experience.

"The Mummy Online" is going to be developed with Unity Technology for Massively Multiplayer Online Game audiences. This independent engine platform makes it possible to create real-time three-dimensional applications, such as MMO games, in any internet browser featuring really high quality graphics, and without having to download the client.

"The Mummy Online" is being developed by Schell Games in multiple languages. Schell Games is a development studio based in Pittsburgh.

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