“Blast Off” Flying Through the iPhone

Blast Off coming on the iPhone on 5th MarchHalfbrick announced today the iPhone version the stellar arcade puzzle game which features lost astronauts and bizarre planetary systems, Blast Off. In Blast Off, players use their rocket ships to rescue astronauts and carry them through a safety warp gate. The force of the gravity can help the player, as well as bring him down.

Blast Off is the critical acclaimed PSP mini, and is currently ranked in the top twenty five games of all time on Metacritic's PSP category.

Halfbrick is taking the game to the next level by bringing it on the iPhone. In addition to all the variety of levels and planets across multiple difficulties, Halfbrick is developing intuitive touch screen controls and a brand new game mode called "Endless Mode". In "Endless Mode" players can compete for high scores worldwide on global leaderboards using OpenFeint.

Blast Off allows the player to touch space with its surreal atmosphere and addictive gameplay. It is an excellent addition to any iPhone collection.

Blast Off for iPhone will be released on 5th March.


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