Beat’em Up Game Entitled “Lucha Fury” Coming on PlayStation Network

Punchers Impact New AnnouncementPunchers Impact unveiled today the first beat'em up game which combines the worlds of comics with Lucha Libre, who is a Mexican wrestling. The game is entitled Lucha Fury, and will follow the adventures of four young and talented wrestlers who have spend their lives "loafing" around, until a mysterious energy drink brings them up into a fight against the most incredible conspiracy in the world.

The game combines horizontal scrolling gameplay with cooperative progression with up to four online and even offline players. Each player has the freedom to humiliate his enemy in his own style. Team-play is enhanced by the multiplayer combo mode, which allows the players to gang up on their enemies and finish them off together.

The game features a unique graphical style, up to four players online and offline, four playable characters with their own specialties, backdrops from around the world, and seventeen crazy levels

Lucha Fury will be available in Q4 2010 for the PlayStation Network and in early 2011 for Windows-Based PCs.


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