B-Boy Brawl – The first title of the Scottish developer Tag Games

B-boy Brawl Soon On IphoneThe first title of a Scottish iPhone publisher and developer Tag Games, will be an action rhythm game named B-Boy Brawl. This widely anticipated game will be released on the App Store early in the New Year. A partnership with the development studio behind the Rhythm Game "Mobile Pie" based in the UK has been made for the purpose. The Managing Director of Tag Games, Paul Farley stated that the title they launched earlier in the year - Car Jack Streets, demonstrated how effective their marketing skills can be. From that success he stated that they would eventually start publishing external content. He also said that they want to publish games that reflect they style on their content, that's why they think Mobile Pie's B-boy Brawl will be a great fit. Farley also stated that he is very excited by the fact that Tag and Mobile Pie will be working together to bring the rhythm action game to the iPhone with originality and great hip hop tracks.
B-boy Brawl Soon On iPhone

B-boy Brawl Example

Creative Producer at Mobile Pie, Will Luton said that he is also very excited to be partnering with Tag Games, as Mobile Pie sunk months of love into B-Boy Brawl, and that the tracks they have prepared are going to break into the iPhone gaming world. B-Boy Brawl will be released in late January 2010 at the App Store. The game will feature a unique control method that will allow the player to" break their fingers". Awesome street stylish visuals and various crews will battle on sweet hip hop tracks.


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