B-Boy Beats is jamming all over the App Store

B-Boy Beats for iPhone and iPod Touch LaunchedTag Games and Mobile Pie are very pleased to announce the launch of their hip-hop rhythm action game B-Boy Beats.

Managing Director of Tag Games Paul Farley stated that it's been a pleasure to work with the talented team at Mobile Pie on B-Boy Beats, and that he is sure that the iPhone and iPod Touch gamers will find the mix of innovative game-play and fresh hip hop tracks a refreshing change from the huge number of “run of the mill” music games on the Apple App Store. Paul Farley also stated that they hope that this is the start of a franchise that will continue to innovate and grow while thrilling the audience for years to come.

Paul Farley is also rumored to have yelped "word up!", but this is currently unsubstantiated.

Creative Producer at Mobile Pie Will Norton stated that it is great to see B-Boy Beats go live after over six months of hard work. He also stated that it is especially heartening to hear such positive response from gamers, which makes all the effort worthwhile.

B-Boy Beats is available now from the App Store!


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