Avalon Heroes launched today

Avalon Heroes is released to play free of chargeThe thrilling online Real-Time Strategy with Role-Playing Elements, Avalon Heroes, was officially launched today.

Developed by Wemade/Movon, the game was launched by the online games publisher Burda:IC.

The genre adorers can now download the official PC Client at avalonheroes.alaplaya.net, and join in immediately free of charge.

Meanwhile, the Electronic Sports League starts in all of Europe, which means that this is an ideal moment for the introduction of a new eSport title.

Avalon Heroes combines real-time strategy elements with role-playing and competitive elements, as seen in the game modification for WarCraft III, DotA. This free-to-play online RTS RPG already features plenty of new contents including six new heroes, a battle mode map, a new chapter in scenario mode, and two supplementary maps in the adventure mode. These maps are provided at no cost.

Besides all this, thirty-six out of one-hundred unique heroes are available, plus five adventure mode raid challenges and five battle mode maps for stunning competitive tournaments online.

For more information about Avalon Heroes visit the official website avalonheroes.alaplaya.net. The game is also found at the European ESL at esl.eu/eu/avalonheroes


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