Assault Heroes direct port for PS3

Assault Heroes Direct Port for PlayStation 3Konami Digital Entertainment INC. announced today that Assault Heroes is going to receive a direct port from the Xbox Live Arcade to the PlayStation Network. Director of Marketing in Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. stated that it was time to bring Assault Heroes over to the PlayStation Network because the title was extremely successful on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. That way, all gamers can taste the intense arcade action, and it is the perfect game to bring back for fans to enjoy on the PlayStation Platform. In Assault Heroes, players take the perspective of the surviving members of an elite Special Forces Unit, the objectives of which are to uncover a classified weapons program hidden in a deep secret underground laboratory. The game features interactive destructible battlefields, explosive graphics, intense action environments and heavy weapons such as flak cannons, flamethrowers and grenades. Players are able to explore the environments by foot, by speed boat onto sea or by a heavily armed 4x4 vehicle through the lands. Missions can be played in either Single Player or a two player cooperative mode online or locally with a friend. The competitive online rankings on the leader boards will motivate players to fight their way to the top of the charts. Assault Heroes will be released in 2010 for the PlayStation Network.


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