Anipark Licenses Unreal Engine 3 for Two Major Projects

Anipark Licenses Unreal Engine 3Developer of the number one Korean online baseball game and based in Korea, Anipark, announced today that it has received its own license of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 for its next two major projects, which will be a next-generation online baseball game, and a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

The highly anticipated sequel of the baseball game will be based on "MaguMagu" (The number one Korean online baseball game). The game will deliver fantastic 3D Baseball gameplay for users of all ages.

Development Director at Anipark, Kwon Min Kwan, said that they have chosen Unreal Engine 3 for their baseball game because of its ability to handle massive amounts of integrated data easily and efficiently. He also said that there was no question that the Unreal Engine 3 was the right choice, and that they know that the Unreal Engine team has the right tools and support to help them realize their vision for their next titles.

Anipark will also be developing a new Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game with the new Unreal Engine 3 license, in addition to the new online baseball game. This project will follow the release of "Project A3", which was Anipark's first Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. The game is known for its quick and fast movie-like camera work, dramatic battle scenes and high-impact visuals.

Territory Manager of Epic Games Korea, Ray Park, stated that they are always excited when developers choose Unreal Engine 3 for the sequel of their most popular games. He also stated that Anipark established themselves as an industry leader early on, with the development of the first casual 3D online Korean baseball game and the release of the first adult-targeted MMORPG in Korea with "Project A3". Ray Park also explained that they all look forward to seeing what new ground Anipark will break in developing those two new games


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