Alpha Polaris: A Horror Adventure Game Announced

Alpha Polaris Horror GameTurmoil Games are happy to reveal their upcoming point & click horror adventure PC game Alpha Polaris. Alpha Polaris project leader Teemu Vilen stated that the heart of the game is the horror setting, which allow players to explore a wide range of human emotions in a realistic way such as isolation, friendship, love and that this is the root of a good horror adventure game. The Adventure Horror Game Alpha Polaris features mature storyline driven by beautiful 3D characters and pre-rendered scenes in a 1280 x 800 wide screen resolution with atmospheric soundscape effects and original soundtrack. The game will feature a streamlined point & click interface with puzzles as an integral part of the story.


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I love all things Polaris, and love this article, but cant see many comments. Any hoo great stuff. Ill pass this on to a friend or two