Alien Breed: Impact Released on PlayStation Network in the US

Alien Breed Impact US Release"Team 17" are very proud to announce the release of the latest Alien Breed title named Alien Breed: Impact on the PlayStation Network in the United States for the Sony PlayStation 3 video gaming system.

Alien Breed: Impact is an arcade shooter which is packed which combines action, survival-horror and tactical weapon upgrade abilities, as well as advanced customization, to create a dynamic adventure in a foreboding world of dread and horror.

Along with the epic single player campaign mode, the game comes with a Two-Player Local and Online Cooperative game play m odes, which allow players to work together in order to defeat the alien horde.

The first month of release will allow PlayStation Network Subscribers from the United States to purchase the game with a twenty-five percent discount price.

Alien Breed: Impact retails at $14.99 for the United States and rates "T" for Teen, by the ESRB.


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