Adventures of Jessica. Mystery of Courchevel

Jessica. Mystery of Courchevel on Casual Connect 2010Owner of the TurboGames brand, and one of the leading developers and publishers in Russia, Game Factory Interactive LTD. (GFI), will present their new game “Jessica. Mystery of Courchevel” at Casual Connect in Hamburg on 10-12th February.

The tireless and irrepressible adventurer named Jessica goes out to the Alps to have some rest at the famous ski resort with Tony, who is her boyfriend, but on the first day he was arrested for kidnapping a dog. The Police have refused to show any information and details regarding the case, after which Jessica decides to secretly enter the police station and free Tony from his cell. Tony and Jessica will have a limited amount of time to investigate the kidnapping of the dog after what she did, because the Police are going to discover the escape of Tony.

“Jessica. Mystery of Courchevel” features new adventures of the famous heroine from the popular computer game series - resourceful and savvy girl Jessica. The game also features ten locations, including the den of the mysterious kidnapper and framer.

“Jessica. Mystery of Courchevel” offers lots of mysteries in the hidden object genre and more than ten additional maze, tag games, puzzles and more mini-games, plus intense detective story and game-play in an atmosphere of the luxurious ski resort.


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