20% Price Discount for Rocketbox Studios Products

Rocketbox Studios announced 20% Price Discount on Rocketbox Libraries through February 2010The company specialized in the creation of 3D Characters and Animations, Rocketbox Studios GmbH, has announced that all their products will be available with a 20% price discount for licensing during February 2010.

Rocketbox Studios GmbH is a company that develops and distributes a product line titled "Rocketbox Libraries". The product consists of prefab 3d characters and animations for 3D Studio Max and Maya. Optimized for real-time applications, simulations, virtual worlds and rendering, the libraries are offered as different sets of rigged and animated human characters and animals. The products available are Complete Characters, Complete Soldiers and Complete Animals.

Customers from different fields of software development and graphics design have licensed the libraries. For example, Game Developers, Architects, Visualization Studios, Universities and more. The included 3D characters and animations are ready to use and easy to modify and include in the software development of the customers, thus saving a lot of time and money.

The savings can now be bigger for customers that license the "Rocketbox Libraries" before the end of February 2010.

For more information please visit rocketbox-libraries.com.


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