1C Company Announced Death to Spies 3

1C Company Announced Death to Spies 3The Leading Eastern and Central European publisher named 1C Company, announced today that Death to Spies 3 is in development. Players will be able to experience a new chapter in this thrilling story, in which they will meet Captain Strogov from the SMERSH 4th Department of the Soviet Counterintelligence.

The World War II may finished over twenty years ago, but the Cold War took espionage to a more secretive and complex level.

The missions which will take place in Death to Spies 3 will be intense and dangerous as never before, but this time Captain Strogov will be all alone. The storyline will take the player to different locations in North America, Cuba and Europe.

The game will feature two new playable characters named Viktor Kovalev and Olga Godunova. Each of these new characters will offer unique skills and abilities.

Death to Spies 3 will be the first game of the franchise that will be featured on Windows-Based PCs and the Xbox 360. The game will also feature a brand new engine with support for the latest graphic technologies, new high-tech gadgets, Manual switching between characters, and more.


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