A Thing or Two Mainstream Game Developers could Learn from Casino Games

The gaming industry is a world apart. It's a unique combination of form and function, built not only to work to perfection, but also to entertain. This is not something that needs improvement - although, if I wanted to be supercilious, I could criticize the way faces are animated in even the latest games. What needs a lot of work on the triple A developers' side is their focus on entertainment above form, and their use of hardware resources.

Games dictate hardware

Doom is the latest in the list of games I would love to play - but won't. That's because its system requirements are restrictive for me, and for many others like me out there. Life is hard for a gamer with no funds for hardware - and Doom asks for quite an investment, too. If I wanted to play it, I would have to invest way more in PC upgrades than what the game itself costs. Online casino developers are not in the position to have hardware demands. Instead, they have to adapt to the computers of their players. The All Slots Casino offers its players games to run in a browser window, as well as through its downloadable suite, for years. During this time the developers behind it have improved the quality of their graphics a lot, which inherently means more demand on the hardware side. But, since the hardware used to run All Slots Casino games is very fragmented (meaning that the processing power the players' computers have is extremely varied), they had to optimize their games to the maximum for them to run on all PCs. You can view this amazing cross-platform gaming destination at http://www.allslotscasino.com/.


This one goes out to mobile game developers: launching exclusives is not nice! If your game is an iOS exclusive, and I have an Android in my pocket, I'll prefer not to play rather than buying a new phone. Mobile casino games have maximized the number of players they can reach out to. They are completely cross-platform, running not only on the market leading smartphone OSs, but on all of them. The All Slots Mobile Casino doesn't need to be downloaded and installed, and it doesn't need periodical updates either. What it needs is a mobile browser, an internet connection, and player credentials, nothing more.

New content

The All Slots gets fresh content each month. Its already impressive collection of games grows periodically with fresh slot machines to keep its players entertained. You don't have to wait for months, or years, for a new All Slots game to be released - with a few notable exceptions, but it's usually worth it. This is a shout out to mainstream game developers: please think more of your players' needs, and less of marketing and revenues.


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