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Tekken: Dark Resurrection – In the palm of your hands


Tekken Dark Resurrection Review for PSPTekken: Dark Resurrection is a fighting arcade game developed and published by Namco for the Sony PlayStation Portable gaming device as a port of the Sony PlayStation 2 title – Tekken 5. It is the fifth installment of the popular arcade fighting game, but technically it is the seventh game in the franchise. Tekken: Dark Resurrection was released in July 2006 in North America and in September 2006 in Europe.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection is a port of Tekken 5 for the Sony PlayStation Portable, thus it follow the same story as it, but with a couple of additional elements. Lili Rochefort wants to help her father Sergei Dragunov and end his financial problems by killing Mishima Zaibatsu. Also her father is a Spetsnaz member who was sent to capture Jin Kazama.